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Do you often need multiple contacts with your logistics partner (s)? We make your life a little easier by designating one person who takes care of all your needs. In addition, we offer a central location for the full range of logistic requirements, and we offer foreign companies the option of fiscal representation. If, as a foreign company you want to export goods to countries within Europe, you will have to deal with VAT. Without the required knowledge this can be a complex and risky process. We therefore offer foreign companies the service of fiscal representation and can act as your general fiscal representative, or as a limited fiscal representative. Because we take care of most of the process these complex tax procedures are simplified for you. Are you curious about what this means and if it is of interest to you? Please feel free to contact us.

Creativity is an import-export business.” – Ethan Zuckerman

General and limited fiscal representation

When you import goods into the EU you have to pay VAT in most EU member states. This VAT can be reclaimed later from the tax authorities as an importer. Under certain conditions no import VAT has to be paid when importing goods in the Netherlands. Limited fiscal representation (BFV) can be used when you want to import goods in the Netherlands that are intended for businesses in another Member State. As your limited fiscal representative we take over the VAT obligations and we can act for both the import of goods, and the subsequent delivery of those goods. We ensure your goods are free of LFR and can be transported at random without supervision by Customs.

If limited fiscal representation is not possible, we can also act as your general fiscal representative (GFR). A general tax representative is responsible for all transactions that a company performs in the Netherlands. As your general fiscal representative we can act for all deliveries and services for which VAT has to be paid, intra-community acquisitions, and imports from non-EU countries. We ensure that all processes run quickly and reliably. As a customs broker and logistics company we have all the knowledge to represent you.

AEO-C Certificate

As a result of the attacks in New York on 11 September 2001, the international attention for safety has been considerably tightened and the AEO-C certificate has been created. To be eligible for an AEO status a company must meet a number of requirements. An AEO-C certificate is therefore only awarded after a thorough investigation. In 2011 we earned the AEO-C certificate. This certification confirms that the Dutch government considers us to be a safe and reliable partner. This status gives us, in combination with our own customs warehouse, certain advantages that enable us to work faster and more efficiently.

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